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Anyone have any of Emily M Phillips. Total slut from Upper Michigan who went to Appleton for high school. She used to be happy to take cock from multiple guys and even got busted for prostitution. Love to see her naked again, she always let her boobs hang out while sucking me off before her man got home from work.

I always wondered if that baby was his lol. I met her while she was pregnant and considering how often she gave it up to other guys he should be asking that question himself.

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Looking for Jadwiga Wątorek, Carissa Geffers, and more. 3 wins here, two from GB, and one from Appleton.

First is Karins something. She’s a sweet Latina slut who loves being creampied. I filled that pussy (and mouth / ass) nonstop for weeks. The second is Irena, a spun slut that you wanted to catch while she was flying. You found Irena while she was spun? Every hole was open for your cum. I stopped hanging around her when I found out she had a six man train run on her, amd she was pregnant at the time. The last is Marcella. She’s older than the rest but at least I didn’t have to worry about knocking he*p (always use a burner with these sluts) in theory, she said her tubes were tied. No anal for he*nless she was drunk, and she hated me the day after, but I busted in every hole and even got her to swallow. She *hates* swallowing like a good slut. Pussy always open for a hard cock to cum inside her.

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Shawty is sexy as hell! Gotta be sumthin

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Who has this sexy little freak?she rocked my whole ass world, there’s nothing she wouldn’t do, I’d be fucking her and then all of a sudden she would want me to stick it in her ass and pound her.. by far the best fuck I’ve had. It’s a shame she’s getting married I’d definitely do that again.


Bump. Someone post her


would love to see more

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more carol d


Any more?


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Does she still have her website where she posted a lot of nudes?

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Stephanie S beaver dam, madison, Milwaukee. Loved teasing and undressing and letting boys feel he*p and suck them off at a young age, she was watching porn and doing lesbian stuff with her best friend, who was getting Stephanie into masturbating, weird porn.
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Therapy. Get some. Yeah shes a dirty birdy but ffs man you need help


For real, this is getting fucked up


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Why even bother posting fake pictures? Wow this creep is a loser.


actually he is not exaggerating…

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Who’s got wins? Saw some on an old board




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Nice, but not the same chick.

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Nice tits


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Any Carissa?


>>308 anything decent on car f slutfans?


>>308 *only* fan


Not really just lewds and cove*ps

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any class of 05 or 04?

ellie b
ashley t
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File: 1607815977105-3.jpg (288.74 KB, 1080x1920, 1587848482623-0.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google



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File: 1607816105718-0.jpg (135.25 KB, 750x1334, 1587789192210-1.jpg) ImgOps Exif Google

Sammi H


Anyone got Nicole j*hnson?


any more from anyone?

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Jacklyn Marie West, 608-920
She started fucking her boyfriends good friend after having there baby. Shes a deviant taboo pleasure girl.non xhmaster was a long video of them fucking a few times on a weekend. It was a camera on the TV or something cause it was right infront of the couch.
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Have any actual nude photos? Used to party with her and she would dance around top less the whole time. Have lots of photos of friends of hers but never got one of her


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There was a private pornhub account which I believe is gone now that had 2 videos of her. Both she's on trippy shit and blow. She's riding some dudes lap getting fucked while bf is upstairs asleep.she is holding a phone looking at pictures telling dude she can't believe they are fucking..


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When she was in bd, she'd do that at t* party near her place where she lived with her bf. When she was left alone with no friends or a babysitter. She end up getting a ride from someone who fucked she let fuck her more times then not. She'd have them sometimes just do her in the driveway while her bf was sleeping. Or park at the baseball diamonds down the street.I got to ride along more then once and partake when she was willing to


I think you're the same dude who made that Stephanie B thread, and i'm coming to the conclusion that you're a wierdo stalker who likes making up weird fanficition about girls he knows and thinks are sluts.


I completely agree

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