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Sav R Stories


Any more Sav wins? She's so fucking sexy.


I just want a good ass shot from her prime days


Can someone drop her nudes in here haven’t seen them in a minute


Not for nothing but this bitch gained some serious weight


And she still looks great. Fuckable AF!


Boomp for new wins.


Check out the Anon Premium VIP tons more content 1TB of archives dating back to 2010


Check out the Anon Premium VIP tons more content 1TB of archives dating back to 2010


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She looks better with brown eyes I think


I'd love to lick her brown eye.


File: 1604696691077.png (2 MB, 750x1334, sav1.png) ImgOps Google


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File: 1606948864951-0.jpeg (46.29 KB, 750x562, 8346F5FF-C20A-4EFE-8F6F-3….jpeg) ImgOps Google

Sav sucking a cock


LOL. nigga please.


Last name?


This is clearly not her lmfao.


this picture is literally from like 2004, clearly not her


Anyone have real pics of her sucking dick?


I heard she had an abortion with two different guy s


Who gives a fuck. just want to see more of that sweet body naked or sucking cock.


I heard she likes blowing two guys at the same time


I need to cum inside this woman


What do you know about her taking two cocks ?? Story time


My boy told me she let her ex and all his friends do lines of blow off her tits in belmar wish I was there 😔


I heard through the grapevine that Sav and Alyssa D()urando had mad threesomes with people




Just ask her ex John Marie he’s a coke head from the shore nd sure he has pics or vids


Alyssa Dur is so hot. Her face looks like a model. Who has pics or stories of her?


Anyone have any contact info for her


I wanna eat Savannah’s pussy so bad




Any new Sav shit available?


Girl queefs like crazy when plowin her from behind




Feet pics?


I have so much content on this hoe videos pics sex tapes screen shots bring this thread back to life with stories screen shots any new content w.e. And I’ll drop her videos


seen some masturbation vids and twerking and stuff, don’t got em though, does she really got sextapes? Would love to see those!

As far as stories, I hear a lot of crazy things, Idk what’s true or not but her and her friend Dana had a 3sime with my boy once


I've never seen anything but the two or three nudes in over a year. Would be great if you can share new stuff.


All fake^^


100% true I have seen two different tapes from two different guys and I no at least two of her ex bf has a ton of content on her pics videos teases etc they exist ppl lets surface them


If they existed they’d be on this thread. Keep dreaming.


Girl loves sucking fingers big IYKYK


u think bc they’re not on here they don’t exist I am friends with her ex he showed me a few times has hundreds of pictures n videos I’ve seen every square inch of this girl numerous sex tapes pov blowjobs twerking masturbstion everything and another one of her ex has just as much content. There is a lot on her it just hasn’t been surfaced yet I am hopeful that one day they will b posted here


I bet that’s her current man in denial that he dates a girl who use to be a big hoe sorry bud there’s a ton of content on this broad tits swinging cheeks clapping pussy squirting don’t be mad at us we just wanna see those giant nipples


I just wanna see something new.


I just want good ass content. She flashed me her tits in a Bar once like 4 years ago. They were perfect. Always wanted to see that ass


Somebody always says they have new shit and nothing ever materializes.


Which ex? Time to ask him to surface them since no one else dropping anything


John M & Alex J Both known to have a ton of content on her


Yo savanah man if nothing on her exists ask her about the “hotel” video and she how she reacts lol 🤔


Let's just post some new shit.


What’s the hotel video?


For the love of god!! what is the hotel video??


Bring on the Sav content!!


if you're lucky enough to have new shit please post it.


No new content. Hotel story probably fake. Just give up and let this sub die out. You guys are simping hard.


Who gets off on hearing stories lol. So strange. I just want to see a booty pic or video so I can be Done with this thread


Need new Sav.


Never saw any of the old stuff even if it’s not new can we get some wins on here